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  • What is the difference between the MSc and the Master?

    • An MSc is a university diploma at the level of Bac+5 which constitutes a reference designation at the international level. This recognition is important, particularly for determining future salary levels.
    • The MSc is the degree awarded by several of the most prestigious “grandes écoles” (HEC, ESSEC, and EM Lyon).
    • The master’s degree is a national diploma at the Bac+5 level, accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, and it is part of the license-master-doctorate process in Europe.
    • At 312 hours, the master’s program takes less time than the MSc, which involves 550 hours with an international outlook and innovative teaching practices.
  • What will the MSc give me in addition in my career?

    • MSc degrees are recognized by national and international recruiters. This diploma offers a course that favors flexibility in choosing the educational content, work experience, and international exposure. The volume of the course is substantial: more than 550 hours (see section “Organization of MSc in Management Studies” below). The MSc will prepare you for the demands of the job market and will increase your attractiveness to recruiters.
    • Moreover, the MSc allows you to choose electives and international seminars, access our elearning platform, and participate in projects, challenges, and company forums. You will also be able to participate in study tours (to Boston, Raleigh, Toronto, Hanoi, and many more) organized for MSc students. For all these reasons, the MSc represents undeniable added value for your professional project and your future career.
  • Can I apply for the MSc and Master's degrees?

    An application to the MSc does not require a specific application for the master’s (it is done automatically).

    Choosing the MSc at IAE Aix-Marseille gives you the opportunity to obtain a double degree: an MSc and a master’s degree.


  • What is the educational content of the MSc?

    The MSc includes a two-year study program. Direct access to the second year is possible.

    The MSc program is based on three blocks:

    Block 1: Fundamentals, 312 hours

    Block 2: Customized course adapted to the professional and personal project (electives, international seminars, and study tour), 144 hours

    Block 3:  Projects and targeted educational activities, 72 hours

                   Projects (consulting project, business project, and speed workshop), 24 hours

                   Challenges / business games, 24 hours

                   CSC events and other professional events, 24 hours



  • When applying for an MSc on MoveIn, how many specialization choices can I make?

    • Three choices are available in all cases. Priority is given to your first choice.
    • If you are applying for the first year of the two-year MSc Management Sciences course, the hierarchy of choices is very important. It must make sense in terms of your motivation and professional project.
    • If you are applying for direct entry into the second year of the MSc Management Sciences, which is a professionalizing and diploma-awarding specialization, you will need to provide proof of professional experience in the form of an internship in the chosen specialization. For example, if you are applying for the MSc Marketing and Brand Management specialization, you will need to provide proof of 12 months of professional experience in the form of an internship or sandwich course placement with assignments such as assistant product manager or data analysis in a polling company.
  • How will my MSc 1 course at IAE Aix-Marseille be conducted?

    Every student’s course of study differs based on their profile at the time of admission. The program leaders will propose a course of study adapted to your file and situation during the admissions interview. 



  • What are the application deadlines for the programs?

    MSc 1 - two-year MSc course (for candidates with three years of higher education in progress or validated). Application deadline: March 24, 2022 (midnight)

    MSc 2 - direct entry into second year (for candidates with a Bac+4 or Bac+5 in progress or validated). Application deadline: March 24, 2022 (midnight)

  • Do you accept scanned documents?

    Yes, you can provide color scanned copies of the required documents.

  • Are letters of recommendation mandatory?

    No, but they do provide an interesting insight.

    The platform sends a confidential referral request to your designated referrers.

  • I already have a Letter of Recommendation, can I use it?

    Yes, you just need to fill in the name and email address of the referee and download it.

  • Will my referrers receive an automatic confirmation when they email the letters?

    No. Automatic emails will not be sent to your referees.

  • How will I know that my referrer has responded?

    A green icon will appear on your application when your referee has responded.

  • How does the online interview work?

    If you are eligible, the admissions team will send you an invitation to an online interview. Your interest in the program and your previous experience (professional, group work, social commitment, etc.) will be assessed.

  • Can I register for more than one program?

    It is possible to apply to more than one program. A separate cover letter is required for each program.

  • From what level of education can I apply?

    • I have a bachelor's degree or equivalent (180 ECTS): I can apply for the MSc Management (duration 2 years).
    • I have a bachelor's degree or equivalent (240 ECTS): I can apply directly for the second year of the MSc Management (duration 1 year).
    • I have a Bac+4 (240 ECTS) or Bac+5 (300 ECTS) degree or equivalent: I can apply for the MSc General Management (duration 1 year).
    • For a continuing education application, , you must hold a Bac+3/4 degree (180/240 ECTS) certificate of validation of professional experience and have three to five years of professional experience or an interruption of studies of more than one year.
  • I am finishing a L3 in Law, Humanities or in a scientific or technological speciality, can I apply to the MSc of IAE Aix-Marseille?

    Yes, we welcome students from all backgrounds on our MSc program. Geographical and disciplinary diversity is highly valued at IAE Aix-Marseille. The first year of the MSc is generalist; it allows the acquisition of fundamental concepts for students with no previous training in economics or management. Recruiting companies are looking for graduates with diverse profiles. Initial education in literature or science is therefore a valuable asset.

  • I'm in a professional license, can I apply?

    Yes, it is possible, but the number of candidates with a license pro admitted to an MSc is generally low. By its very nature, a bachelor’s degree is intended for immediate professional integration. Moreover, this type of study offers few opportunities for international experience. Consequently, if you have a license pro and that experience is not part of your course, you MUST go on exchange to an international partner university during your first year. Be careful, in this case you are not eligible for the sandwich course.

  • I have a DUETI and am currently doing a year in a foreign university, can I apply for the first year of the MSc?

    Yes, you will have to obtain the DUETI and in parallel the foreign university’s diploma of license (or equivalent Bac+3). You must also go through a validation of studies before being able to join IAE Aix-Marseille. If you are an IUT Aix-Marseille student, see the specific provisions of the IAE Aix-Marseille-IUT partnership in the section below entitled “The IAE Aix-Marseille—IUT Aix-Marseille Partnership.”

  • How do I apply for the MSc?

    Only online applications are accepted as the whole application file is prepared and submitted online. A link on the IAE Aix-Marseille website admissions section will lead you directly to the TopApply application platform. Once your login and password have been created, you can connect as many times as necessary to make changes to your file (uploading transcripts, test results, cover letter, CV, etc.) until the application deadline (in May).

  • What does a "good" application look like?

    What IAE Aix-Marseille expects from your application:

    • a good level in your original degree, regardless of the discipline
    • a good level of English and management skills (evidenced by your test scores)
    • motivation (reading, personal research, jobs, associative activities, etc.)
    • a coherent and structured professional project
    • international exposure (internships or jobs) and corporate experience (internships, summer jobs, or sandwich course placements) are also appreciated.

    A first selection will be made based on the application file. If your application is accepted, you will be invited to an interview with our admissions panel.

  • What are the fees for the application?

    There is no fee to apply

  • I won't have my final transcripts before the application deadline. What do I do?

    If you do not have your last semester transcripts available, you can still apply and validate your application. However, you will need to download your transcripts as soon as you receive them and submit them at the time of your interview.

  • Is the validation of an international experience mandatory to be recruited at IAE Aix-Marseille?

    It is not mandatory for admission. However, if you do not already have significant international experience (more than three consecutive months on exchange in a foreign university, a gap year or internship abroad, or work experience such as working as an au pair), you will have to do a semester abroad as part of our university partnerships (applies to first year MSc only). That international experience is mandatory for all applications to the MSc 2 specialized program. Internationalization is at the heart of the IAE Aix-Marseille strategy. That is why all our students are exposed, in one way or another, to the international dimension, with an international stay of significant duration before or during their course.

  • I have had multiple experiences abroad since I was young, but less than 3 consecutive months, are these experiences considered significant for the IAE?

    No, IAE Aix-Marseille does not consider short stays, expatriation with parents before the age of 18, or language stays of less than three months before the Bac as valid international experience.

  • I am applying to other schools and IAE. Can this be detrimental to me?

    On the contrary! It is wise to apply for several programs at the same time, as long as they are coherent and in line with your professional project. For example, if you have several marketing programs in mind, you should indicate in your application which ones and according to what criteria you have selected them. This could be interpreted positively in the analysis of the application as it reveals a real strategy for further study.

  • Can I apply to several programs of IAE Aix-Marseille?

    Yes, but you are limited to a maximum of three. One of the recruitment criteria is the coherence between your professional project and the program objectives. For example, applying to an audit program and a management control program would seem logical in the context of a career plan focused on financial functions.

  • I am applying to several programs at IAE Aix-Marseille, should I submit several applications on the MoveIn platform?

    No, only one file with the supporting documents mentioned below is required.

  • What supporting documents do I need to submit with my online application for the MSc?

    Applications are prepared and submitted exclusively online with scanned documents. The main documents required are:

    • A letter of motivation defining the professional project
    • A CV
    • Available transcripts from the last three years
    • Two letters of recommendation (one academic and one professional)
    • Results of the management aptitude tests (TAGE MAGE or Score IAE-Message). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is not a determining factor this year. The information can be provided later.
    • English test results (TOEFL, TOEIC Listening and Reading, IETLS, or GMAT). Due to COVID-19 pandemic, this is not a determining factor this year. The information can be provided later. 
    • Photo ID
    • Identity document

    A first selection will be made based on the application file. If you are selected, you will be invited to an interview with our admissions panel.

  • I have looked at the MoveIn online platform and need help with my choice. How can I avoid a mistake?

    The choice of program will depend primarily on your level of study. The titles on TopApply are as follows:

    Your level ofYour level of study at the time of application

    Choice of program

    HardéProgram duration


    Bac + 3 or equivalent (in progress)

    MSc Management, specialization, direct entry in 2nd year

    2 years

    Choice of 2nd year specialization :

    3 choices to be prioritized from a drop-down menu of 9 specializations (to be determined in the first year for two-year courses).

    Bac + 4 or equivalent (in progress)

    MSc Management, specialization, direct entry in 2nd year

    1 year

    Choice of 2nd year specialization :

    3 choices to be prioritized from a drop-down menu of 9 specializations (to be determined in the first year for two-year courses).

    Bac + 4 or equivalent (in progress)

    MSc General Management, direct entry in 2nd year

    1 year

    Open to all types of profiles outside of economics/management:engineer, pharmacist, lawyer, social scientist, LEA international business option, etc.

  • If I choose the English track and my level does not meet the admission requirements for the English test, is my application automatically rejected?

    No, your application stays in the system and will be assessed within the framework of the French program.

  • I would like to validate my application, but my referee has not yet responded

    Your referee will be able to respond after the closing date for applications and once the file has been validated.

  • When will the selection interviews take place?

    Selection interviews will be held in late May / early June.

  • Is it possible to have a telephone or video conference interview?

    You must attend the selection interviews in person, except in the following cases:

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the selection interviews will be held remotely this year.

    You are on an internship or studying abroad (outside Europe). It is advisable to inform IAE Aix-Marseille as soon as possible of your dates of absence and provide justification. If possible, an interview by video conference or Skype may be offered.

    You are an international student and live outside France. You can also benefit from an interview by video conference or Skype, subject to the agreement of the program’s academic director.


  • If I am admitted to the 1st year MSc, do I have to reapply for the 2nd year of the specialization?

    Yes, but the application file will slightly smaller, with only a few supporting documents to be provided: a passport photo, your CV, and the transcript for the last year.

  • I am applying for the 1st year of the MSc Management with a choice of path for the 2nd year, can I change path during the year?

    Reorientation is possible for the second year of MSc courses, but it depends on the development of the professional project, the availability of places, and having the required skills. The course pedagogical director’s opinion is key in such matters. As such, reorientation is only possible under certain conditions. The “Organization of MSc in Management Studies” section below provides further explanations. Reorientations can happen no later than December 1.

  • In what language is the interview conducted?

    If you select an MSc Full English track or a FET track, the interviews will be in English.

    Duration: 30 minutes

  • How do I prepare for the interview?

    Present your CV and professional project in a dynamic way, not just an explanation of the information covered in your application. Talk about your motivations for joining us and your knowledge of the MSc program you wish to follow.


Meet us online every Monday from February 28 from 1 pm to 1:30 pm for a question-and-answer webinar.



  • Are English and management aptitude tests mandatory?

    Yes, IAE Aix-Marseille has chosen to require these two types of tests for candidate recruitment. To obtain international accreditations (EQUIS and AMBA), IAE Aix-Marseille must prove that it has a selective admissions process. Requiring these tests is part of a process aimed at ensuring the excellence of the successful candidates. However, the test results are only part of the information considered. The evaluation is carried out in a holistic manner and considers various other elements such as the level obtained in previous studies, openness to international studies, business experience, motivation, professional project, etc.

  • For the management aptitude test, do I have a better chance of being accepted if I take the IAE Score Message or the Tage Mage?

    IAE Aix-Marseille accepts both of those tests and does not differentiate between them. The fact that the Score IAE-Message was developed by the IAE network in France does not confer a particular advantage in the application process

  • What English test can I take?

    I am applying for the 1st year, there are two possibilities:

    • I have never been abroad for more than 3 consecutive months during my studies: TOELF iBT.
    • I have already been abroad for more than 3 consecutive months during my studies: the accepted English tests are TOEFL iBT, TOEIC Listening & Reading or IELTS.

    I am applying for my second year: the accepted English tests are TOEFL iBT, TOEIC Listening & Reading or IELTS.

  • I took the TOEFL English test last year. Do I have to retake it?

    You can retake it to improve your score, but we accept scores from tests taken within the last two years. 

  • Who sends my scores to IAE, the organization or me? Who is responsible for forwarding?

    Both are possible. You can have your results sent directly to the IAE by the organization. In this case, you should indicate this preference by noting the code of our institution.

    The IAE code varies according to the test and is indicated on the TopApply platform:

    • TOEFL (iBT), TOEIC Listening & Reading and GRE: 9113
    • Tage-Mage : 201
    • GMAT: N09-SQ-65

    You can also send them to IAE yourself by uploading the scanned copy of your official results on the online application.

  • What scores do I need to obtain on the English test and the management aptitude test to be potentially admitted to IAE Aix-Marseille?

    Test scores are one element, among others, taken into account in the application. The results are not eliminatory, but good scores significantly increase the chances of being recruited.

    A better knowledge of English, and therefore a higher level, will be expected if you apply for the English track.

    2-year program: expected admission test scores

    2-year program :

    expected scores

    Filière française

    Subsidiaryère anglaise


    80 95

    TOEIC Listening & Reading

    850 920




    IAE score-message

    200-210 (if MSc 2 Marketing and Brand Management in 2nd year : minimum 240)

    200-210 (if MSc 2 Marketing and Brand Management in 2nd year : minimum 240)

    Direct access to 2nd year: expected score in admission tests

    Direct access to 2nd year :

    expected scores

    All spécialités and General Management

    General ManagementèEnglish


    80 95

    TOEIC Listening & Reading

    780 900




    IAE score-message

    200-210 (for MSc 2 Marketing and Brand Management minimum 240)

    200-210 (for MSc 2 Marketing and Brand Management minimum 240)

  • What happens if I don't have my test results by the application deadline?

    If you do not have the results, you will not be able to close your application.

    • If you are waiting for the results, you should indicate the test date on TopApply (test section) and upload your invitation to your candidate interface (attached documents section).
    • The results and score certificates MUST be sent to IAE Aix-Marseille as soon as possible.
  • What are the expected scores for the English test?

    • TOEFL Internet-based ≥ 80 (/120)
    • TOEIC Listening and Reading ≥ 850 (/990)
    • IELTS ≥ 6.5 (/9.0)
  • What is the institutional code of IAE Aix Marseille for the TOEFL iBT?


  • What are the expected scores for the Management Aptitude Test?

    • Tage Mage 280- 300/600
    • Score IAE Message 200-210 (if MSc 2 Marketing and Brand Management in 2nd year: minimum 240)
    • GMAT 550


  • What is a gap year and what is it for?

    The gap year is integrated into IAE Aix-Marseille’s pedagogical scheme for the two-year MSc. It allows alternating periods of study and time spent on internship at a company (six months maximum). This gap year has an essential role in confirming your choice of course, consolidating or developing certain skills necessary to continuing your studies, and acquiring professional experience in France or abroad.

    Doing internships in companies during this gap period is often an asset for your future professional integration.

  • Is hyphenation a common practice?

    According to a recent study of higher education, more than 50% of 18-to-24-year-olds take a gap year. The vast majority of business schools and some engineering schools offer this option before the final year of studies. Nearly 60% of IAE Aix-Marseille’s first-year students take a gap year before entering their second year.

  • Who decides on this gap period?

    It is up to IAE Aix-Marseille to offer this gap period at the end of the first year. You can also request it, but the final decision rests with IAE Aix-Marseille.

  • When does the gap year take place and when do you decide to take this break?

    The gap period takes place between the first and second year. However, the proposal will be made well before that, at the time of your IAE Aix-Marseille admissions interview. Depending on your previous course (academic and professional experience) and your course intentions for the second year, IAE Aix-Marseille will indicate the path to follow. Several options are possible, but only one path suitable for your situation will be proposed:

    • Professional path: internship with or without a gap year or sandwich without gap year
    • International path (university exchange) with or without gap year.

  • If a gap year is for me, what should I do?

    You will have to confirm this choice at the time of your admission and at the latest within a month after your arrival. A roadmap with objectives to be achieved during the first year will allow you to prepare and organize this gap period: internship in France or abroad, university exchange...

  • Will I still be enrolled at the IAE during my gap year?

    Yes, you will benefit from registered student status during the whole year, so the gap year course allows you to obtain internship agreements signed by IAE Aix-Marseille. Moreover, during your gap period, an IAE Aix-Marseille staff member dedicated to gap year students will help you to manage and maintain your file. 

  • Can I do a cesure period after the 2nd year?

    No, the gap year only concerns students registered in the first year and is taken at the end of that year.

  • If I am currently a student in another institution and I want to enter directly a program in 2nd year at IAE Aix-Marseille, can I do a gap year before entering this 2nd year?

    No, not within the framework of the gap year proposed by IAE Aix-Marseille. This gap period is exclusively for students who follow a two-year course at IAE Aix-Marseille.

  • Do I keep my Crous scholarship during my gap year?

    Yes, since you remain a student. This allows you to apply for a CROUS scholarship if you still meet the criteria.

  • How much will I have to pay for my registration during the gap year?

    The registration fee will be approximately €480.



  • What types of work-study contracts are accepted at IAE Aix-Marseille?

    Two contract types are possible: apprenticeship contracts and professionalization contracts. IAE Aix-Marseille accepts both. The company chooses the type of contract to be used, depending on criteria related to your age and IAE Aix-Marseille registration status.

    Apprenticeship contracts are open to students aged 16 to 29 years in initial education and without any age limits for disabled students and high-level athletes.

    Professionalization contracts are open to students of all ages and mandatory for registration in continuing education at IAE Aix-Marseille. For the academic year 2020/2021, 280 sandwich contracts were signed (+15%), representing 89% of master’s students* in their second year and 54% of those in those* in their first year.

    *Eligible students (excluding new students and continuing education students funded by companies).

    IAE Aix-Marseille trains more apprentices at the level of Bac+4 and Bac+5 than any other part of AMU. The sandwich program is an essential part of the IAE Aix-Marseille strategy framework. 


  • Which programs are open to sandwich courses?

    Most of our initial education programs are available as sandwich courses (first and second year Masters). However, there is a special condition for two-year programs. If you do not have significant international experience at the time of your admission, a sandwich course will not be possible for you. Indeed, as the international dimension acquired over three consecutive months during your studies is imperative, you will be asked to leave during the first year.

  • I am an international student. Am I allowed to do my studies as a sandwich student?

    For international students, sandwich courses are possible on the condition that they have been in France for more than one year.

  • If I arrive with my work-study contract, is my application to IAE Aix-Marseille automatically accepted?

    No, the admission requirements and process remain the same. The fact that you have a contract is only one of the elements considered when evaluating your file.

  • Can the IAE Aix-Marseille help me find a work-study contract?

    Yes, several support systems are in place for students enrolled in the MSc:

    • Access to company job offers received by the IAE Aix-Marseille as soon as you confirm acceptance of our admissions offer
    • Invitations to the annual meetings of the sandwich program at the end of June / early July (over 50 companies present)
    • Access to a platform, JOBTEASER, to consult job offers and submit your CV for our partner companies to consult
    • Access to the school’s sandwich course department
    • Access to the school’s career service (support for CV preparation and interviews)
    • Access to the company forum in October/November (over 50 companies present)
    • Company presentations, alumni testimonials
    • Alumni directory

    In all cases, the sandwich project must be validated by the program director through a well-defined process in conjunction with our CFA EPURE MÉDITERRANÉE and the CACTUS platform available to companies and future sandwich students.

  • What is the deadline for finding a contract?

    • Apprenticeship contract: within three months of the start date of the program in which you are registered.
    • Professionalization contract: within one month of the start date of the program in which you are registered.
  • If I am an apprentice, what will be the rhythm of my presence in the company?

    The schedule allows long stays at companies instead of short and split periods. Schedules vary slightly depending on the program, but you will generally be on assignment at the company (except Master 2 International Management):

    • Between the end of November and the end of March (from two to three months).
    • Between April and September (from four to six months).
    • For the Master 2 International Management: one week at school / three weeks at the company from mid-December.

    The long periods at the company guarantee quality assignments that are in line with higher education requirements (Bac+4 or Bac+5). They also allow students to do sandwich course placements anywhere in the country. That would not be possible with short school and company periods.

  • I will be 26 years old during my first year, can I benefit from a work-study contract?

    For apprenticeship contracts:

    Yes, if your birthday occurs on or before the day you sign your contract. The regulations require that students be under 26 years of age when they sign the contract. However, exceptions to this age limit are possible for apprenticeships in the following cases:

    • When the proposed apprenticeship contract or period follows a previously completed apprenticeship contract or period and leads to a higher level of diploma than that obtained at the end of the previous contract or period. The apprenticeship contract must be signed within a maximum of one year after the end of the previous contract.
    • When the apprenticeship contract is signed by a person recognized as a disabled worker or high-level athlete.
    • When the apprenticeship contract is signed by a person with a project to create or take over a company for which the diploma or title is required for pursuing the training.

    For professionalization contracts:

    Students of any age can sign such contracts, and it is mandatory for continuing education registration status at IAE Aix-Marseille.


  • I am an international student, can I apply for a work-study contract?

    For apprenticeship contracts:

    To be eligible, foreign students must have a residence permit and a work permit at the time of signing the contract. There is an exemption for international students who have completed one year of a master’s degree in France and wish to enter a second year of apprenticeship.

    For professionalization contracts:

    To be eligible, foreign students must have a resident card and a work permit at the time of signing the contract.


  • Is there a trial period in the work-study contract?

    Yes, the trial period runs for the first 45 consecutive days at the company.

  • Is there any support in the search for an internship or work-study program?

    Yes, the career services and alumni network can help you.

  • Does the school organize events to meet with companies?

    Yes, Career Days, ETS Forum and Work-Study Forum

  • Are we prepared for the interviews?

    Yes, individual appointments with coaches are offered.

  • What is the timeline?


  • I study at the IUT of Aix-Marseille, what is the partnership between my school and the IAE Aix-Marseille?

    This partnership was established in 2013 to allow preselection and application, from the second year of the DUETI , of potential candidates for further studies at IAE Aix-Marseille within the MSc framework. Thus, selected DUETI students will be able to enter directly into the first year of the MSc, provided they pass the tests and meet the IAE Aix-Marseille admissions requirements. The application to IAE Aix-Marseille is made before the IUT student leaves for their international DUETI (so, from the second year of the DUT). These students are given priority and receive their admission letters before other program candidates.

  • What is the procedure if I want to apply for this partnership?

    Two phases are planned within the framework of this partnership:

    • Preselection and preadmission
    • Final admission

    During the first phase (preselection and preadmission) you will have to:

    • Submit an application to your IUT department head.
    • Register on the IAE Aix-Marseille online application platform, TopApply
    • Be preselected by the joint IUT/IAE Aix-Marseille committee.
    • Participate in an interview at IAE Aix-Marseille before leaving for the international DUETI.

    At the end of this process, your preadmission will be validated and sent to you.


  • When will the final admission be pronounced by the IAE?

    At the end of the DUETI year, after you have finalized your application on the TopApply platform and passed the mandatory English and management aptitude tests.

    You will have to confirm your attendance by sending back your admission file within the required time limit.


  • What is the precise timeline for these phases?

    Second year IUT:

    • March/April: you must apply to the IUT head of department (where you were admitted for the DUETI)
    • April/May: you must open an application file on the online application platform TopApply. IAE Aix-Marseille preselects candidates using those files (IAE Aix-Marseille / IUT committee)
    • Early July: if you are preselected, you must attend an interview at the IAE Aix-Marseille, which will tell you the admission results after the interview

    DUETI year:

    • Before May:
    • Take the mandatory tests: management skills (TAGE MAGE or Score IAE-Message) and English (TOEFL)
    • Finalize your application on TopApply
    • End of May / beginning of June: IAE Aix-Marseille confirms your admission (without additional interview)
    • Before mid-June: confirm your arrival by sending back your admission file.
  • If I am not preselected by the IUT Aix-Marseille in the framework of the partnership or I come from another IUT, can I still apply to the IAE after having done a license or DUETI?

    Yes, in this case, the general application procedure will apply to you. The admission criteria and conditions are those applicable to all applicants (see section “Recruitment and application”).