Faculty & Research

A privileged research environment favouring high level education

The School’s faculty is composed of:
•    Teacher-researchers (41)
•    Adjunct professors, mostly active professionals in French firms (240)
•    Foreign guest teachers and international professionals (70).

Most IAE Aix-Marseille teachers have studied, taught or regularly visit international universities. International speakers are also regularly welcomed: Nobel Price William Sharpe, Henry Mintzberg, Denise Rousseau, William Starbuck and Andrew Pettigrew ... Professors and researchers from prestigious universities around the world participate in research and international seminars held at IAE Aix-Marseille.


Permanent faculty members













CERGAM: leading research activities in the field of management sciences

IAE Aix-Marseille professors are involved in research activities of excellent renown. The CERGAM research centre benefits from a national and an international visibility and produces the most theses in management sciences in France. In France Management is taught in a large number of schools and institutions.  However the public Universities, and in particular their IAEs (business schools), are especially recognised for producing research in Management Sciences on the cutting edge.

IAE Aix-Marseille is a proliferous incubator combining basic and applied research dedicated to operational knowledge production specifically in Organizational Management.

The IAE Aix-Marseille distinguished through International conferences

The School and its professors organize symposiums in France and participate in research management sciences conferences around the world. In particular, CERGAM runs the La Londe Conference every year. This is a major international research event, it takes place in La Londe, an attractive French village on the Mediterranean Sea.  Every year the focus is on one of two main Management fields:
• Consumer Behavior and Communication through Marketing
• Service Management.