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Executive Education

Executive Education

Whatever their size or sector, companies have always encountered certain recurring challenges: developing leadership skills, mobilizing cohesive teams, accessing finance, and implementing strategies. IAE Aix-Marseille’s Executive Education programs offer you a combination of business skills and university know-how to overcome those challenges. Our modern training approach and materials can be tailored to your organization.


The huge changes seen in recent years have included: the emergence of artificial intelligence, digitalization, the rise of cryptocurrencies, increased social and environmental pressure, reduced availability of raw materials and energy resources, complex geopolitical tensions, and the increasing supremacy of the tech giants. Our team of teacher-researchers and specialized speakers are ready to meet your need for high value-added coaching and to help you to lead your business transformation.


Faced with the major challenges of the 21st century, IAE Aix-Marseille’s Executive Education mission is to help you, the stakeholders in our region, to grow and create more resilient and successful businesses. “Empowering Humanistic Leadership” is our motto.

You are an executive or a manager of a company and you want to...

You are an executive, a manager or a director and you want to...

You are an executive or a manager of a company and you want to be accompanied in order to...

  • Imagine and pilot an innovative strategy to move from the red ocean to the blue ocean
  • Solve a strategic problem by applying collective intelligence
  • Facilitate a company transfer or takeover
  • Assess the impact of artificial intelligence on your business sector and seize the opportunities
  • Use data to boost your business
  • Understand the challenges of a low-carbon world and project your company into it
  • Reconsider your business by rethinking the customer experience
  • Boost your business marketing
  • Master social network communications

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We can deliver these programs at IAE Aix-Marseille, your home, or your premises.

We are ready to design your next coaching experience.


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