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IMMIT (International Master in Management of Information Technology)

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Information technology (IT) is increasingly an integral part of products and services; indeed, they now form the very foundations of business processes. This program addresses this new information and management challenges. The program is designed to prepare students to become “hybrid” managers who can act as intermediaries between business users and IT specialists in an international environment.

The program provides the integrative skills needed for the effective use of IT to support international business operations and management.

A triple degree and a unique experience

IMMIT is a two-year program organized between three renowned European partners:

  • IAE Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management (France)
  • Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku (Finland)
  • Tilburg School of Economics and Management, Tilburg University (The Netherlands)


The students come from all over the world, with cohorts representing up to 14 nationalities. The student group stays together as one cohort throughout the two-year program to contribute to an intensive and original multicultural experience.


  • Phase 1 - France, IAE Aix

    Fundamentals of International Trade

    • Fundamentals of international trade
    • French for beginners
    • Accounting
    • Finance
    • Simulation games
    • Multicultural environment
    • Leadership
    • Marketing
    • Strategy
    • Project management
    • Management of IS and data governance
    • Electives: International seminar
  • Phase 2 - Finland, Turku

    Computer management skills

    • Computer management skills
    • Finnish for foreigners
    • Management of ICT services
    • IS evaluation
    • Management of international IT partnerships
    • Research methods
    • Language of negotiation
    • Academic writing
    • Electives courses: Information systems
  • Phase 3 - The Netherlands, Tilburg


    • Integration
    • Business transformation and IT
    • Business intelligence
    • Business process integration
    • Management of knowledge and innovation
    • Logistics and information
    • Methods engineering
    • Dutch for beginners
    • International production management
    • International management
  • Phase 4 - Worldwide

    Internship (at least four months) and master’s thesis

Job opportunities

As a hybrid manager bridging business and IT you will have the skills, knowledge, and attitude to:

  • Improve the business intelligence of transnational organizations.
  • Analyze the fit between business needs and new technologies capabilities (mobile, cloud computing, workflow, CRM, and security).
  • Integrate business processes and develop ERP.

Examples of graduate positions:

  • International IS projects manager deploying global business intelligence, cloud computing, or collaborative systems.
  • IS management positions as chief information officers and IT or information manager.
  • Designer of IS supporting international business operations.
  • IS strategy consultant in companies operating internationally.


Our program is ranked among the best Master, MSCs and MBAs Management des Systèmes d'information in France :


  • Admission Requirement

    IMMIT is open to students with a Bachelor or equivalent undergraduate degree (180 ECTS):

    • in Management/Economics/Business Administration
    • or in Computer Science/Information System

    Students with an engineering degree can be admitted if their previous education includes ICT and information systems (at least 24 ECTS).

    Selection criteria include:

    • Marks obtained in the bachelor studies (must be above average)
    • Quality/recognition of home institution having awarded the first degree
    • CV including extra-curricular activities (especially those associated with crosscultural/international experiences)
    • Motivation for the programme and for a unique international experience is very important in the selection process.

    Application process

    • Mandatory tests (students from partner Universities do not have to submit the management test*):
    • English proficiency test
    • Management test

    List of partner universities:

  • Cost of the training

    For Tuition fees IMMIT program, please refer to the Tilburg University website.

    Tuition fees and IMMIT specific scholarships

    IMMIT tuition fee and scholarship information is provided below.

    The IMMIT program tuition fees are set on an annual basis. For programs starting in the 2021/2022 academic year, the fees are:

    • €4,200 per academic year for EU/EEA students
    • €10,495 per academic year non-EU/EEA students

    Please note:

    Tuition fee payments are non-refundable if a student has to leave the program before graduation.

    The tuition fee for EU/EEA students covers the tuition fees required by Tilburg University and IAE Aix-Marseille. This fee does not include any fee for studies at University of Turku, as Finnish universities do not collect tuition fees from EU/EEA students.

    The tuition fee for non-EU/EEA covers the tuition required for international students by the three universities.

    A French national university fee of about €500 (established by law) must be paid when the student enters IEA Aix-Marseille.

    If students do not complete the IMMIT program within two years, they will need to register for an additional year and pay the tuition fee accordingly.

    Financial Support

    Previous IMMIT students have received generous internship allowances (up to €1,000 per month) during the fourth semester of the IMMIT program from companies such as Shell, Philips, Deloitte, PwC, and others.

    EU and non-EU students are also eligible for an Erasmus Mobility Grant for the second (Turku) and third semesters (Tilburg) of the program.

    You can also check the general scholarships page to see whether there are other scholarships that apply to your specific situation.





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