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Meeting with the teams of Propulse, the Junior of IAE Aix-Marseille


Propulse, does it ring a bell? Created in 2008, Propulse is a non-profit educational association of consulting led by 21 volunteer students of IAE Aix-Marseille.

Discover the testimony of its members who explain us the backstage of their Junior Entreprise and join the team to participate in the rise in competence of the IAE students!

Can you tell us about Propulse's activity?

Tristan (President of the JE): Propulse was created in 2008 and is a relatively young Junior in comparison with other structures present in many business and engineering schools in France, some of which were created more than fifty years ago. Nevertheless, its ambition has continued to grow over the years, thanks to a common dynamic between our members and Alumni: to become THE reference junior in the PACA region, while allowing our school's students to become professional by carrying out missions in 4 fields of expertise:

  • Finance (setting up financing files, financial analysis...),
  • Marketing/Communication (Creation of a graphic charter, elaboration of a communication strategy...),
  • Market research (analysis of the environment, development and administration of quantitative and qualitative studies)
  • Information Systems and Digital Transformation.

In addition to the services we offer to small and medium-sized companies in the region, we have also been working for several years to build strong relationships with all the actors around Propulse: Administration, Alumni, Students, Clients, Partners... These links allow us to jointly organize workshops, conferences, and seminars throughout the year, which are highly beneficial for the image of Propulse, but also for our school.

What are the stages of a mission?

Pierrick (Business Development Manager): First of all, the business development department, made up of 7 volunteer business managers, is in charge of prospecting and negotiating with companies in order to find assignments for students. The negotiation phase is essential because the amount of the mission determines the amount of the speaker's remuneration. When the mission is signed, we take care, with our human resources pole, to select the best profiles of speakers among the IAE students to carry out the mission entrusted by the customer. As an intermediary and relay between the speakers and the company, the business managers ensure the proper implementation of the mission and the relationship with the customers.

So it's the students who carry out the missions?

Pierrick : Exactly! It is the students who carry out the missions, and not the members of the association because we are all volunteers! The purpose of Propulse is to allow IAE students to apply their skills in a professional context. But above all, to be paid to do so. This also allows us to promote the teachings given in our school to the local economic fabric and thus, in fine, to promote the employability of all IAE students.

What are the advantages of being part of the JE?

Jonas (Vice President): First, being part of our team means getting involved in an impactful project with a motivated Team of students from all programs, which is extremely stimulating. Everyone is united around the same project and we all move in the same direction. Then, it allows you to become professional on a multitude of subjects: negotiation, team management, customer relations, communication, events... And it makes a nice line on the CV, generally very appreciated by companies. Finally, it is a unique opportunity to network: the student has the opportunity to be in contact with a multitude of actors in the region and throughout France (companies, IAEs, alumni ...). It is very stimulating and creates incredible opportunities!

Does Propulse organize any events during the year?

Typhene (Communication and Event Manager): Throughout our mandate, many events are organized to promote the Junior to students and other stakeholders (companies, alumni, partners, IAE, etc.). This year, we participated in the IAE's company day, organized CV workshops and a professional photo workshop. We also welcomed professionals from the world of entrepreneurship for a conference, organized a challenge with our partner PWC and our last event was an eloquence contest organized in partnership with the Rotary Club, under the patronage of UNESCO. An evening that mobilized no less than a hundred people! In our opinion, it is important to make Junior Propulse known and to relay its actions and fields of expertise to as many people as possible via professional and challenging events!

Propulse opens its doors to you and is proud to announce the start of recruitment for the next term 2022/2023!

Why join Propulse?

  • Participate in the school'sassociative life
  • Develop yournetwork before entering the job market
  • Continue tolearn by doing
  • Have a recognized experience to bevalued on your CV
  • Be part of agreat community

If you wish to join the Team, discover the different positions and send your application (CV and cover letter) to