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An entrepreneurial project with IAE values: the Tour de France in favor of disability


The IAE Aix-Marseille willing to support entrepreneurial initiatives as well as those based on a humanistic leadership, offers since 2020 to IAE students, the entrepreneurship course. This course takes place in the Lab ICube and is aimed at all students who have an entrepreneurial project to allow them to specify and test the feasibility for 6 months (the duration of an internship MSc 1 or MSc2).
Luc Montigaud, an MSc 1 student, is preparing to do a 3285 km Tour de France, by bike and on foot, to support a cause that is dear to him.

Discover his testimony:

"Suffering from dystonia*, I am embarking on this great sporting challenge to raise awareness of disability and the inclusion of people with disabilities in companies.

It all started with my former colleagues during my internship at Arche Mc2. During a lunch break, we challenged each other to a triathlon. I couldn't swim, couldn't run and could only pedal... and I said "come on, I'll do it with you".
In spite of a complicated beginning (when I ran 2 km I was exhausted), I was able to participate 6 months later, and with trainings at 5 am every day, in the triathlon of Saint-Raphaël.

A few months later, while I was still training, my mother told me "you never stop, you'll end up doing the Tour de France" and my answer was simply "Come on, I'll do it", then from a simple joke was born this great project.

The Tour de France will be done by running and cycling with 50 km per day (10 running in the morning and 40 cycling in the afternoon), that is to say 3 285 km in less than 100 days.
The departure will be in Aubagne at the beginning of September 2023 to arrive in my hometown: Auriol. These two cities are symbolic for me, Aubagne is the city where I made my first professional experience at Leroy Merlin and Auriol is my hometown where I have my judo club which allowed me to be where I am.

In addition to a special training followed by my coach, I realized at the beginning of March 2022 a round trip to Nice by leaving Auriol in 8 days without days of stop, that is to say more than 350 km in real condition (50 km per day).

During the Tour, I will be accompanied by a team that will ensure the logistics and security. This tour will be broadcast live on YouTube, to share this adventure daily. Moreover, the donations of this live will go to the association AMADYS (the association of dystonia patients).

For all the people who want to participate in the tour, know that the stages will be open in a limit of 10 people to share this adventure together.

More than a sporting challenge, it is a real CSR project. This tour has a double stake: to make Dystonia known by collecting donations for the AMADYS association and to raise awareness about the inclusion of disabled people in companies.

This project fits perfectly into my curriculum and thanks to IAE I can realize the organization upstream by integrating the entrepreneurial course of IAE. In addition, the teaching staff supports me and helps me to achieve the project which fits perfectly with the values of the IAE.

If you want to follow all this project go on the instagram and facebook account @autourdelucio

I will end with a situation that makes sense to me: "everything is possible to those who dream, dare, work and never give up.

For Anne-Marie Guerin and Valérie Mathieu, co-founders of Lab Icube: "The Tour de France project of Luc, a 1st year MSc student at IAE Aix-Marseille, is a real entrepreneurial project! Luc addresses all the facets - from the organization of the project to communication, including the search for funding and sponsors and the legal aspects - and mobilizes the corresponding know-how. As for the mental requirements for this type of project, Luc combines both the commitment and the rigor of a high-level athlete and an entrepreneur... a truly winning formula!

* Dystonia is a neurological disease that affects approximately 45,000 people in France. It reflects a poor control of movements by the brain. People with dystonia suffer from involuntary muscle contractions. This results in abnormal postures, twisting and abnormal movements.