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The IAE Aix-Marseille doctoral program is coordinated by CERGAM (Center for Studies and Research in Management Aix-Marseille). CERGAM was established with the objective of integrating and consolidating the various research teams active in the field of management within Aix-Marseille University faculties, institutes, and schools. Today, CERGAM has 53 teacher-researchers and 65 doctoral students.

  • The doctoral school

    The Doctoral School No 372 of Economics and Management of Aix-Marseille brings together doctoral students from Aix-Marseille University (AMU), Ecole Centrale de Marseille, and EHESS (Marseille) who work on economics and management topics. The Doctoral School of Economics and Management has 200 doctoral students and 199 researchers / teacher-researchers, 129 of whom are qualified to direct research, attached to research units and specializing in the various fields of economics and management. The school has a multidisciplinary vocation, with recognized research units focusing on various fields of Human Sciences. The existing complementarities between these disciplines allow the school to reach the critical mass necessary to provide training at the level of European and international standards.

  • The research center, the CERGAM

    The CERGAM (Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche en Gestion d'Aix Marseille) was created in 2008 following the merger of four research centers. Its teacher-researchers are part of four components of Aix-Marseille University :

    • IAE Aix-Marseille
    • the IMPGT, Institute of Public Management and Territorial Governance
    • the FEG, Faculty of Economics and Management
    • the IUT, University Institute of Technology

    CERGAM is recognized for its dynamism and excellence in research, and it has been favorably evaluated during EQUIS accreditation processes (2012 and 2015). CERGAM regularly organizes conferences, including an annual international conference at La Londe which focuses on two themes on an alternating basis: consumer behavior and marketing, and service management. The center has also organized 30 international conferences since 2011.

    CERGAM has several major research areas: finance, human resources management, leadership, public management, marketing, international management, strategy, IS management, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


The program offers students a rich and stimulating environment with many resources for research allowing them to prepare and write doctoral theses under excellent conditions.

  • Aix-Marseille University seminars

    The research resources include doctoral seminars organized by CERGAM and other research centers of the Doctoral School of Economics and Management. These seminars allow doctoral students to learn about some of the most advanced research techniques and methodologies (qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods). They are an integral part of the CERGAM doctoral program.

  • Conferences, External Seminars

    Starting in the second year, doctoral students may draw on the following resources:

    • They are encouraged to attend at least one annual academic conference. Conference publications are funded by a contribution from CERGAM, which provides registration and accommodation fee support for the students.
    • In addition to the doctoral seminars, doctoral students are invited to participate in advanced training courses designed specifically for students in doctoral programs and delivered by organizations coordinating doctoral programs in management at the French and European levels (CEFAG, EDAMBA Summer School, etc.).
  • International Mobilities

    Financial assistance to conduct research abroad at CERGAM’s partner universities (mainly in Europe, the United States, Canada, and Australia) may be granted.

  • Internal workshops

    Internal workshops allow teacher-researchers and doctoral students to present their current research and to benefit from the expertise of their peers working in the same fields.

    Internationally renowned researchers and potential future associates may be invited. It is a privileged environment in which to discuss and exchange on how to conduct doctoral research.

    These internal workshops are thematic and organized at IAE Aix-Marseille specifically in the fields of human resources, international management, marketing, strategy, and finance. They take place five to nine times a year.


At the end of the second year, doctoral students must present the progress of their doctoral work to a thesis committee made up of teacher-researchers from outside CERGAM. This committee’s opinion is the basis for decisions on whether the student can continue into the third year.

Finally, at the end of the program, a pre-defense of the thesis before a panel of two or three teacher-researchers is organized internally at CERGAM to make any final improvements necessary for a very high-level thesis defense. That final defense is the crowning moment of three years of research.

  • International opportunities

    Academics from the IAE Aix-Marseille doctoral program are posted to universities and business schools around the world, including Belgium, Canada, Indonesia, Morocco, Pakistan, Senegal, and Tunisia. They are “global ambassadors” of IAE Aix-Marseille’s research.

  • Opportunities in France

    Academics who have followed the doctoral program can be found in almost all French universities and business schools. A large majority of the researchers in the Faculty of Economics and Management and IMPGT have followed this path. At IAE Aix-Marseille, 19 teacher-researchers out of 34 are former students of the PhD program.

  • Academic quality of the program

    The presence of management alumni from the IAE Aix-Marseille doctoral program in many universities and schools in France and abroad attests to the strength of the program and its influence.

    The quality of doctoral theses is also evidenced by a significant number of awards for “best doctoral thesis” (or thesis award) and “best conference paper” obtained by the school’s doctoral students each year.


  • Admission

    The objective of the doctoral program is to enable students to prepare and write a thesis meeting the highest international standards. After a Master of Research degree, admission to the program is based on a research project that must be supported by an academic (potential thesis director) and approved by the Doctoral School of Economics and Management.

    The Master of Research degree may be partially replaced by an equivalent foreign degree or significant research experience. In this case, prerequisites (research methodologies, research seminars, etc.) will be required.

  • Cost of the training

    • National registration fees 17/18 students: 391 €.
    • Student social security: 215 €.


IAE Aix - Parcours d'un de nos doctorants - Thibault Perrin [Description]

IAE Aix - Parcours d'un de nos doctorants - Thibault Perrin


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