From Sep 30, 2017, 09:00 to Oct 01 2017, 17:15
Venue : Campus IAE Puyricard

IAE Aix-Marseille Innovation Weekend (MSc 1)

IAE Aix-Marseille encourages, initiates and supports its students in entrepreneurship.
•    The objective: Sowing the Seeds of Entrepreneurship among students
•    The ecosystem: bringing together students, alumni, partners and teachers
•    The event:  WEI3, a one weekend challenge for MSc 1 students leading to a selection of the best projects
•    A track over 2 years (transverse to the programmes): a pedagogical follow-up of the selected projects until they are incubated.

Oct 06, 2017 - 18:00 - 23:00
Venue : IAE Campus, Puyricard

International Festival

The international festival is an important event in the school's life, it aims at facilitating the integration of international students. During this evening, international students have the opportunity to share aspects of their culture and to show their talents of singers, dansers, speakers...

Job fairs
Oct 19, 2017 - 09:00 - 17:30
Venue : IAE Campus, Puyricard

Internship and Job Fair 2017

The IAE Aix-Marseille annual Internship and Job Fair brings together 500 students and 50 companies. It is a great opportunity for students to optimize recruitment contacts and to consolidate their network.