IAE Aix-Marseille puts entrepreneurship at the heart of its strategy

The Projects Icube - IAE Innovation In Vivo – started at the Master 1 level, aims at launching start-up projects, and accompany them by a professional jury during two years. Icube is articulated around an event and a track. The WEICube is a complete weekend dedicated to emerging  business and start-up projects and to the evaluation of their feasibility. The TICube track provides pedagogical support until incubation.

The first WEICube edition took place in September 2017. The opening ceremony was chaired by
Stéphane Soto, General Director of Aix-Marseille French Tech, a regional authority that promotes the territory as a favorable ecosystem for innovation.
38 M1 teams competed to defend projects that focus on developing  new products and services. The projects were innovative and diversified:  applications or devices in the field of health or safety, tailored services for busy young professionals, ecological service stations, biological catering for children, to name only a few.
On Sunday afternoon, the teams delivered a 5 minute pitch to convince the jury. 3 teams were selected to receive prizes for the best projects. A special jury prize was also awarded to one with a theme pertaining to  social justice. Throughout the weekend, more than 40 coaches, mentors and experts (mainly IAE Aix-Marseille alumni) were engaged to support the teams to build business models with their ideas.

The selected project teams will have the opportunity to continue their experiments over a two year period with the TIcube track. This track aims to support future entrepreneurs and accompany them to make their project a reality.

Icube makes it possible to emerge young shoots, through coaching, training, experience sharing and by networking with alumni. A great pedagogical advance within the School that has given birth too many new vocations!