Pratical information

University restaurants

The university restaurants (RU) offer a wide range of different menus at very reasonable prices. AMGSM-IAE has its own restaurant on campus.

Other university Restaurants and Cafeterias in Aix-en-Provence:

Student halls of residence

  • Exchange programme students  can obtain a room in halls of residence subject to availability. You should apply for a room in halls of residence through the International Relations Office of the school.
  • Non-exchange International Students : Students in 1st year of a master's courses or those having completed at least 4 years of university study (and who are under 28 - or under 32 for PhD students) must apply online via the CROUS website:

Private student residence

Recently, there has been much development in the private sector to compensate for the lack of university student halls. Prices vary between € 400 and € 700. A deposit and guarantee letter from a person who resides in France are often required to reserve.

Housing guide Aix 2018-2019

Websites with offers:


“Co-loc”, which means flat sharing with other students, might help you integrate more easily into the French way of living. It is a way of lowering your standing charges, such as electricity, gas, telephone, council taxe…



Around 60 different individual or team sports are available for students of Aix-Marseille University. To enquire about and sign up for sporting activities, students must go to the AMGSM-IAE Bureau des sports.

More information about sport in our university (in French) :


The Preventive Medicine Office is in charge of improving the medical care of students and developing prevention and educational initiatives for health.
Students can make an appointment with a doctor, psychologist, gynecologist, nurse, osteopath or dentistry student for all medical problems, at the SIUMPPS. Free visits but no prescriptions can be given.

Permanence in Aix :


AMGSM – IAE is a very favorable environment to students with disabilities thanks to its very personal services to our students and a high capacity to adapt to special needs. The personal accompaniment of the School is backed by a centrally organized and specialized disability service within Aix-Marseille Université.

AMU disability service 

Aix-Marseille University is committed to equality, diversity and promoting an inclusive teaching and learning environment for all. A national policy chart “Université – Handicap” has been signed by most French Universities in 2012. This chart sets very precise, high standard guidelines for Universities with regards to the integration of students in Higher Education Institutions.

The Aix-Marseille University central services (“Mission Handicap”) works in close relationship with specialized external, local organizations providing support such as ARPEJEH, URAPEDA, HANDITALENTS. AMU also coordinates actions with other stakeholders of the quality of students’ life in order to improve study conditions for students with disabilities, for example the CROUS for special accommodation and accessibility of the students’ restaurants.

Accessibility of the campus

The AMGSM-IAE campus is accessible to wheelchair users and people with mobility impairments. There is lift access to all floors of the building. The advantage for the students of the IAE being on a relatively small campus and entity means that all students, including students with special needs, very quickly get familiar with their study environment.

Accessibility of the courses/content

AMGSM-IAE adapts the content of the classes and the teaching method to the needs of the student (note taking, mentoring, transforming resources in accessible electronic format …) and makes examination arrangements.


Contact:  Mission Handicap AMU :



Computer Centre (SIP – Service Informatique Pédagogique)

Student have access to 90 desktop computers, a DTP workstation and laser printer and ink jet printers.

AMGSM offers modern, up-to-date computing resources to all staff, students and faculty. In this domain, the School remains within the standard range of information services available at any internationally accredited business school. Our services have proven reliable and seamless. The School continually updates resources to ensure that all its stakeholders benefit from adequate, innovative and reliable information technology.

The stations are connected to a local area network in the IAE-Aix domain. All administrative personnel and faculty are provided with a computer (PC or laptop). A host of individual and shared printers, throughout offices and the building are made available.

The IT Department (called SIP) monitors and ensures the excellent functioning of all information system resources made available, such as:

  • Continuity of all information services;
  • Permanent help-desk service for all end users (students, staff and faculty);
  • Training on the new Google Apps platform.

Corporate Career Service & Alumni Relations

The Corporate Career Service and Alumni provides the students with a complete range of services and tools to assist them in their career design and development:

  • Individual and collective coaching
  • Workshops
  • Employment market data and information
  • Companies presentations
  • On-campus recruitment
  • Access to CARNET international network.
  • Access to the IAE AIX Alumni Network
  • Events are organised to favour contacts with the business world :
  • IAE AIx-Marseille Internship and Job fair (October)
  • Aix-Marseille Université Career Forum (November)
  • Apprenticeship fair (June/July)

E-learning platform for MSc students and Continuing Education participants

CROSSKNOWLEDGE is a distance learning resource center that provides access to more than 300 training modules on basic management
fundamentals. A true complement to your courses, it is available in French and English, and is freely accessible. A valuable « toolbox » that provides immediate answers to operational issues.

  • A complement to seminars and simulations
  • Before an oral presentation (modules on communication and public speaking)
  • During a stay abroad (ex : intercultural challenges)
  • To accompany an internship (ex : conducting meetings)
  • In the context of community projects (ex : cross-functional management)
  • For personal development (ex : stress management, emotional intelligence…)

CrossKnowledge or AMeTICE are available to all participants. CrossKnowledge is used as a traditional library whereby a professor asks students to read or view specific chapters. CrossKnowledge is used for all refresher courses, MBAs and MSc programmes as a complement to pedagogical resources, a principal reference or an extended learning resource.

Additionally, professors are encouraged to use the resources provided by the Centre for Technologies for Information and Communication in Education (TICE) of Aix-Marseille University. This centre manages a pedagogical platform, AMeTICE (, which provides access to digital pedagogical resources and tools for all disciplines, projects and reports. Training sessions are planned to develop the use of this platform.


The AMGSM library is situated on the ground floor of the building and supports teaching and research with reliable information services, specialising in business and economic information.

The hard copy resources of the library are available to students and academic staff from Monday to Friday (8:00am to 6:30pm) and Saturday morning if necessary for courses. A team of qualified and committed librarians (2 in all) assist library users in their search for information.
The library information desk is the first point of contact for all requests about library use and information research. A computer terminal near the library information desk provides permanent access to the library’s catalogue and web resources and also serves as a self-service catalogue.

The library’s textbooks contain material recommended for AMGSM lectures and seminars. Its stock is continuously adapted to meet the requirements of current courses. This special collection is accessible during the library’s service hours to ensure reliable lending services.
The reading room hosts the reference stock – coursework textbooks, reference books (e.g. statistical data), press kits of French and foreign companies, working papers, general and specialised dictionaries, bound journal volumes and newspapers. This collection is for on-site use only and accessible during opening hours. The database is accessible online. The library selects the reference collection based on the respective course catalogue in close consultation with the Aix-Marseille University. The reading room provides two computer terminals for literature and information research and 44 work stations. The library maintains a closed archive with journal volumes prior to 1964. They have to be requested from the library staff.
In addition to the work stations in the reading room, students may find on the same level near the library, work rooms of different sizes suitable for group work, with WIFI access.

AMGSM library is in relation with all the libraries of the University (59) which are grouped in a support service called the "University Document Centre". This service offers the University community extensive printed collections (662,000) and a broad portfolio of accessible electronic resources on various campuses, including the AMGSM site. This documentation covers all the disciplinary fields of the University: management, law, medicine, science, technology and the humanities. All documents are accessible online with a private login for the School’s students, participants and professors. They can access resources in all fields. The main databases in the portfolio of the library concern national and international references.

Getting started at the Aix Marseille University libraries

The library information desk is staffed during the opening hours. Books taken off the lending stock or textbook collection shelves can be issued at the library information desk. Books from the lending stock may be borrowed for 2 weeks or 3 weeks: books from the textbook collection may be borrowed for the same duration. Each book can be renewed if no other user has placed a reservation on it. For students who are writing their final thesis, the lending period can be extended.
Students can log in to their library accounts to monitor the materials they have borrowed. For example, they may renew their issued items and place reservations online and therefore be independent of the library’s service hours.

In the reading room, there is a scan station – a colour face-up scanner with a user-friendly touch screen interface. Digitised documents can be e-mailed to any account or saved on a USB stick.

Librarians can help non-French-speaking users in their research, and information is provided both in French and in English. Training to use documentary resources is also available on AMU's Website (


Equipped for all printing needs (CVs, course reports, binding, transparent acetates, handbills, colour photocopies..).

Multimedia Department

This department provides resources in image and sound (videoprojections, sonorisation, captation, visioconferences ) and e-leaning resources Crossknowkledge. Students also have access to an editing table and all equipment necessary to assemble audio and video files