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The IAE Aix-Marseille Master 2 Research, Studies, and Consulting in Management Sciences prepares students for two types of careers: careers in higher education and research, and consulting careers in the field of management sciences.

This preparation for doctoral studies develops:

  • knowledge and mastery of the major current research areas
  • understanding of the most advanced methodologies of bibliographic research, data collection, and analysis
  • familiarity with the tools specific to the field: software, databases, online resources, etc.
  • the ability to write research or consulting documents based on the most advanced research in the field.


A programme with an international perspective, delivered entirely in English.

  • Approximately 80% of the participants are international, from five continents
  • An average of 10 nationalities are represented in program cohorts
  • The teaching team includes visiting academics from partner universities abroad
  • A bilingual French/English program (most courses are taught in English)

Personalized follow-up of students on their research project

  • Master of Research teachers guide and advise students in their choice of research topics
  • Contact with various potential thesis directors is encouraged to help students to make their choice within the CERGAM research center.

Support for financing the training
The Master of Research program provides assistance with preparing funding applications for doctoral studies: regional grants, doctoral contracts, and CIFRE contracts (theses in collaboration with companies).

  • Course of the Master 2 program

    This program offers a wide range of courses and allows students to specialize in the research area of their choice. The program runs from September to June, with the first semester devoted to the core curriculum and the second to specialized courses:

    Common core courses (Semester 3)

    These courses constitute the methodological bases of management sciences research

    Quantitative methods in management

    • Qualitative methods in management
    • Theoretical foundations of management research
    • Definition of the research project and the research problem
    • Analysis and methodology of research
    • Specific courses (Semester 4)
    • Finance - Audit - Control Specialization
    • Coordinator: Pr Patrick Rousseau

    Research in accounting

    • Portfolio management
    • Econometrics of finance
    • Advanced theories in corporate finance
    • Responsible commitment and humanism
    • Marketing specialization
    • Coordinator: Pr Véronique Cova

    Consumer behavior and communication

    • Marketing of services
    • Brand management research
    • New marketing approaches
    • Responsible commitment and humanism
    • Human resources strategy and management specialization
    • Heads: Prof. Emmanuelle Reynaud and Olivier Roques
    • Behavior of actors in organizations

    Human resources and career management

    • International strategy
    • CSR strategy
    • Responsible commitment and humanism
    • Public management specialization
    • Taught at the Institute of Public Management and Territorial Governance (IMPGT)
  • Research paper

    The dissertation is designed as a research project in its own right. The student works under a thesis director. The thesis is defended orally before a two-person panel. The best dissertations may be published in a scientific journal.

  • Big talk

    The “Grand Oral” is an opportunity to assess the breadth of knowledge and the ability candidates have developed, in a synthetic and pedagogical manner, on a subject related to their specialization. Candidates are offered a subject and given a limited amount of time to prepare an oral presentation, which is delivered to a panel of two teacher-researchers.

    Most of the students on the Master of Research program go on to pursue a doctorate, with the professional goal of becoming a teacher-researcher in the field of management and management sciences. Numerous job opportunities in this rapidly developing discipline are available at universities, both in France and abroad, or in major management schools.

    Some PhD graduates opt for consulting jobs, while others choose a corporate career or one with national or international organizations.

Most of the students in the Research Master's program go on to pursue a doctorate, with the professional goal of becoming a teacher-researcher in the field of management and management sciences. Numerous job opportunities in this rapidly developing discipline are available at the university, both in France and abroad, or in the major management schools.

Some PhDs opt for consulting jobs, while others choose a career in companies or within national or international organizations.


  • Admission requirements

    Entry into the 2nd year

    Holders of a degree of Bac+4, Master 1 (240 ECTS) or equivalent (foreign degree, VAE)
    The majority of applicants come from management and economics programs (universities and business schools) but the research Master's program is also open to students from other disciplines: engineering schools, sociology, law, mathematics, philosophy, political science.

    Recruitment is based on an online application on our website. Composition of the application :

    • Transcripts of previous studies
    • Management aptitude tests: TAGE MAGE or IAE Score Message or GMAT
    • English tests: TOEFL or TOEIC or IELTS, professional project, internships completed or positions held).

    Eligible candidates will undergo a motivational interview with a jury.

  • Registration fees

    National university fees and Social Security: 476 € in 2016.


Emmanuelle Reynaud, ancienne Directrice du Master Recherche
Fabienne Perez, doctorante
Thibault Perrin, doctorant


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