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Diploma of Higher University Studies “Research in Management Science”, DESU


Diploma of Advanced University Studies

Hours : 120h

The objective is to offer research training that prepares candidates for study and consulting assignments based on investigative methods in management sciences with a view to pursuing a thesis. For those wishing to pursue a doctorate in management sciences, the objective is more specifically to define a doctoral research project. The aim of this qualification is to be able to:

  • Define a problem and field of research or study/consultancy;
  • Review the academic and professional literature on the problem;
  • Choose an appropriate method of investigation from among those taught on the program;
  • Write a research and study/consulting project.

The research project may lead to a thesis if it is accepted by a CERGAM research professor. The thesis can either be supervised by a teacher-researcher authorized to direct research (see column “Authorized to direct research”) or be co-supervised by a pair of teacher-researchers not authorized to direct research and a teacher-researcher authorized to direct research. The list of CERGAM research professors is available on the CERGAM website.

  • DESU Program

    • Research Methodology and Design
    • Qualitative research methods
    • Quantitative Analyses of Qualitative Data
    • Quantitative data analysis methods
    • Structuring process and presentation of the state of the art
    • Organizational theory

    Courses taught in French and/or English

  • Academic knowledge to be acquired

    • Research methodology in management sciences
    • Qualitative methods
    • Quantitative methods
    • Bibliographic research
  • Skills to be acquired

    • Carry out research and study/consultancy work
    • Identify the appropriate investigation methods for field problems

Professional opportunities and/or further studies :

The DESU Research in Management Sciences, available in initial and continuing education pathways, enables students to meet the requirements of three professional paths: academic research and higher education, research and development, and organizational and management consulting activities, particularly with a view to continuing their studies and enrolling for a doctorate.


  • Admission requirements

    • Applicants must hold a Master's degree or be in the process of obtaining one or equivalent (Master's degree, engineering school, business school or foreign diploma or Validation of Professional Experience...)
    • Candidates must present a research project accepted by a teacher-researcher authorized to direct research or mention the research directors envisaged in coherence with the project. The list of thesis supervisors can be consulted on the CERGAM website (see the column "entitled to supervise research").
    • Candidates must have a project to finance their doctorate(CIFRE, young doctoral students' jobs in the regions, Eiffel grants, Campus France offers, professional remuneration, etc.).

    Recommended prerequisites: Fluency in English, mastery of the fundamentals of management and data analysis with a plan to pursue a thesis.

  • Cost of the training

    • Initial training: 500 euros
    • Continuing education : 1 500 euros

    In the case of a foreign diploma (outside the EC), a request for exemption from the Master's program must be made in June at the latest for the start of the school year in September.

    On-line applications open in January


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