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BAMO, Bachelor in Operational Management (ex DPAE): THE BAC +3 IN MANAGEMENT OF THE IAE

Choose IAE Aix-Marseille to take a new step in your professional life!

  • Why the Bachelor in Operational Management at IAE Aix-Marseille?

    Are you looking to enhance your professional experience with a level 2 diploma?

    Are you looking to acquire or consolidate your existing management skills?

    Do you have a professional reconversion project? Do you want to create your own program structure?

    The IAE Aix-Marseille Bachelor in Operations Management is a double degree Bac+3 generalist program offering a double competence, both professional and academic, in the field of management.

    With this bachelor’s degree, you can consider following a complementary experience by continuing your studies on a continuing education pathway or develop a professional career as an operations manager.

    IAE Aix-Marseille’s ambition in delivering the Bachelor in Operations Management program is to allow you, through individual and personalized support, to take the next step in your career by helping you to define your own professional future.

  • Joining the IAE Aix-Marseille, it is the guarantee to obtain a double degree with high added value

    • international accreditation: Equis
    • expertise in training executives and senior managers since 1955
    • high visibility with more than 20,000 alumni
    • a school in the heart of Provence and the French Tech region
  • Strengths of the IAE's Bachelor's degree

    • A recognized double degree: a bachelor’s degree through IAE Aix-Marseille and a professional license through IUT Aix-Marseille University
    • A professional development curriculum focused on operations skills
    • Action-based pedagogy, with learning by doing
    • Personalized coaching to improve your employability and define your individual career path
    • The possibility to return to your studies through continuing education following additional professional experience
  • Operational skills

    The training is organized in modules of operations management skills. Each module allows participants to acquire the fundamentals of operations management and to learn about current practices. The modules are built around financial performance, team management, implementation of a customer orientation, and the ability to undertake and develop an activity.

    Participants follow this program as part of their company’s training plan, individual training leave, or personal training. Studies are full time for six months, with a start date in January.

  • Module 1 : Team management

    • HRM legal coaching
    • Personal development & professional project
    • Public speaking
  • Module 2: analytical management

    • Management control
    • Project management & change management
    • Accounting approaches
    • Analyze and decide: finance for non-financial people
    • Cost and performance management
    • Taxation for non-tax professionals
  • Module 3: Customer Focus Management

    • Operational marketing
    • Digital marketing
    • Commercial negotiation
    • Customer relationship development
  • Module 4: Starting and developing a business

    • Strategy and CSR
    • Information management and digitalization
    • Business law
    • Intrapreneurship
    • Logistics

    With :

    • team building at the beginning of the program
    • English throughout the program to promote professional exchanges and develop employability
    • a business creation/monograph project with a presentation at the end of the program to integrate fundamental knowledge and know-how
    • individualized coaching throughout the program to help you build/improve a personalized professional project and acquire the skills necessary for employability
  • Professional experiences and insertions

    The teaching emphasizes putting students in situations to develop their decision-making and action capacity through case studies, group work, and participation of practitioners.

  • Mastery of foreign languages

    A foreign language training program is offered in various forms:

    • an intermediate level business English course throughout the course
    • free access to the "7Speaking" language platform, which provides an immersive approach to online practice of business English as well as Spanish, German, Italian and French as a foreign language.
    • access to the Crossknowledge platform which offers training modules in English in the 3 main areas below:
    1. Know-how

      • Management of people
      • Team management
      • Sales / negotiation
      • Project management
    2. Knowing how to be :
      • Professional efficiency
      • Personal development
      • Communication
    3. Knowledge :
      • Finance and Management
      • Marketing
      • Human Resources
      • Strategy
      • Industrial management
      • Management Culture


  • Admission requirements

    The program is intended for anyone with a Bac to Bac+2 diploma with professional experience.

    • If you have a bachelor’s degree, you must have at least five years of professional experience.
    • If you have Bac+2, you must have at least three years of professional experience.
    • Anyone with significant professional experience can apply through a validation of professional experience.

    Contact us for more information.

    Application procedures:

    Interview to evaluate the candidate’s personal project and the IAE Aix-Marseille training 

    Application file :

    • Test of aptitude for business management TAGE EXECUTIVE
    • Evaluation of English level
    • The program is directly accessible after 120 ECTS have been validated or a BTS, DUT, or equivalent diploma
    • The BAMO allows for professional retraining or further study subject to validation of the L3 level by a pedagogical commission
  • Cost of the training

    Our Continuing Education department can help you to set up your financing plan, be it through CIF, DIF, employer support, or other. For self-funding applicants, you can contact our training financing assistance commission.


Nathalie Chalvesche, directrice du Bachelor Management Opérationnel
Thibault Honorat, Bachelor Management Opérationnel
Sylvain Correia, Bachelor Management Opérationnel


Program Director

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Assistant Professor

Program Manager


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