MSc 2 Management, speciality INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS (full English track)

Programme objective

The International Business MSc, delivered in English, realised in partnership with the French Foreign Trade Advisors, trains future managers for positions in international companies - managers who are able to embrace strategic responsibilities as well as activities with a wide understanding of the global economy as well as operational international political relations.

Graduates start their careers in international trading activities, export operations for SMEs, business development, market studies, logistics or counseling in French, European and international economic institutions.

The programme is limited to 35-40 participants. It is comprised of students and professionals continuing their education. The origins of the participants are diverse both in their nationalities and in their academic background.

  • The pedagogical approach favours interactivity and considers students as real professionals.
  • Courses are based on real cases. Participants will understand Supply Chain Management process, negotiate with buyers and suppliers in an intercultural environment and build their managerial skills, such as project management, team building and leadership.

The faculty and professors, composed of distinct specialists, include professionals from the corporate world.

Programme Content

Fundamentals of management

❱❱ Global Strategy
❱❱ International Strategy for SME
❱❱ Country Risk Analysis
❱❱ International Negotiation and Trade
❱❱ International Procurement
❱❱ International Supply Chain
❱❱ European Lobbying
❱❱ Geopolitics
❱❱ International Business Law
❱❱ International Finance
❱❱ International Marketing
❱❱ Intercultural Management
❱❱ International HRM
❱❱ Leadership and Communication

Programme personalisation

Students can organise their studies in a personalised and unique track with 4 or 5 electives selected among 90 options, in French or in English.

Networking and personnal development

❱❱ E-learning platform

❱❱ Conferences by Professionals
❱❱ Meetings with graduates
❱❱ C.A.R.N.E.T., International experts network
❱❱ Job platform
❱❱ Student Societies
❱❱ Clubs
❱❱ International events

Real life experience

❱❱ Apprenticeship or internship
❱❱ Apprenticeship fair, jobs/internships fair
❱❱ Training and Certification of Foreign Trade Advisors of France (CCEF)
❱❱ Business Game

Job opportunities for graduates

Our graduates have a 96% placement rate. The average wage is around 36 k€.

Graduate positions

❱❱ Export Area Manager
❱❱ Country Logistic Officer
❱❱ Business Development Manager
❱❱ Purchasing Director
❱❱ International Sales and Marketing Manager
❱❱ EMEA Packaging Buyer
❱❱ International Project Coordinator
❱❱ Country Manager …

Graduate employers examples

American Express, CMA-CGM, Colas, Confiserie du Roy René, Coty, Danske Bank, Airbus Helicopters, Gemalto, Gerflor, Ipsen, Lavazza, Parrot, Renault, Roche, Rolls-Royce, Solvay, WiKo …

The programme presented by its Director


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Direct access to MSc 2nd Year

  • Open to holders of Master's degrees 1st year or 4-year university education diploma (240 ECTS) or more
  • ... or equivalent degrees (foreign degrees, certificate validating professional experience)

Please, provide evidence of significant professional experience, international exposure and excellent French and English language proficiency. Recruiting is based on online application file on our site.

File content includes:

  • Management test : GMAT or GRE (or in French language: TAGE MAGE or IAE Score Message)
  • English test : TOEFL or TOEIC or IELTS
  •  information about your professional project, background history, completed internships or positions held.


Application process

Eligible applicants will be subjected to a jury-supervised motivation interview.




  • MSc (2 years) : 8 400 €
  • Direct Entry in second year of MSc (1 year) : 4 800 €


  • MSc (2 years) : 20 000 €
  • Direct Entry in second year of MSc (1 year) : 12 000 €

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