MSc 2 Management, speciality INTERNATIONAL FINANCE MANAGEMENT (full English track)

Programme objective

The programme, delivered in English with a personal development focus, is designed to enable students and participants to master corporate finance in the financial markets arena.

  • It concentrates on investment decision making in a business world driven by innovation, where rules are changing as fast as the market is becoming volatile.
  • You will learn to understand the principles of finance and best practices as applied by investment bankers, funds and companies.
  • You will develop your financial analysis skills and perfect your public presentation skills with the multitude of projects to deliver.

The programme is a real business education experience, with a coaching method to improve the interaction with financial operators.

Programme Content

Fundamentals of management

❱❱ International strategy for investors
❱❱ Capital market & international institutions
❱❱ Financial control
❱❱ Financial analysis & financial communication
❱❱ Investment decision making
❱❱ Financial business plan valuation & international fund raising
❱❱ Portfolio management
❱❱ Hedging
❱❱ Portfolio insurance
❱❱ Options & financial models
❱❱ Fixed income, credit & hybrid markets
❱❱ Methodology
❱❱ Innovation & projects in finance

Programme personalisation

Students can organise their studies in a personalised and unique track with 4 or 5 electives selected among 90 options, in French or in English.

Networking and personal development

❱❱ E-learning platform
❱❱ Conferences by Professionals
❱❱ Meetings with graduates
❱❱ C.A.R.N.E.T., International experts network
❱❱ Job platform
❱❱ Student Societies
❱❱ Clubs
❱❱ International events

Real-life experience

❱❱ Apprenticeship or internship
❱❱ Apprenticeship fair, jobs/internships fair
❱❱ Network
❱❱ Project
❱❱ Business game


Career opportunities

Our graduates have a 90% placement rate. The average wage is around 44 k€.

Graduate positions

❱❱ Financial Markets Consultant
❱❱ Business development manager
❱❱ Management controller
❱❱ Financial analyst
❱❱ Market trader
❱❱ Finance internal auditor
❱❱ Financial engineer
❱❱ Risk analyst
❱❱ Auditor
❱❱ Business development analyst …

Graduate employers examples

Allianz, ALTIOS International, Areva, AXA, Bioderma, BioMérieux, BNP Paribas, Deloitte, LCL, Mazars, Sanofi, Pasteur, Thales Group, Whirlpool Corporation …

Direct access to MSc 2nd Year

  • Open to holders of Master's degrees 1st year or 4-year university education diploma (240 ECTS) or more
  • or equivalent degrees (foreign degrees, certificate validating professional experience)

Application file content includes:

  • Management test results: TAGE MAGE management test or IAE Score Message (SIM), or GMAT or GRE
  • English tests results: TOEFL or TOEIC or IELTS

Professional project, background history, completed internships or positions held are carefully examined. Eligible applicants will be subjected to a jury-supervised motivation interview.


Application process






  • MSc (2 years) : 8 400 €
  • Direct Entry in second year of MSc (1 year) : 4 800 €


  • MSc (2 years) : 20 000 €
  • Direct Entry in second year of MSc (1 year) : 12 000 €





Programme director

Jean-Sébastien LANTZ








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