Executive MBA (Part time and Fast track)

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Increasingly, executives seek lasting professional satisfaction and personal development as well as greater adaptability to constantly and rapidly changing business environments. As a leading University Graduate School of Management in France, with 60 years of experience in training top-level managers in international environments, we share these concerns and provide a “win-win” alternative for our executive participants and stakeholders.

Discover our unique and flexible programme

To satisfy the needs of busy executives, we have designed a unique and flexible programme (part time or fast track) in a challenging yet congenial environment where long- and short-term objectives can be achieved. Organised in a weekly module format mainly in Aix-en-Provence, participants find our format convenient for study while managing professional and family responsibilities.

Benefit from the expertise of renown schools in Executive Education

Our Executive MBA programme holds EQUIS accreditation and draws upon the reputation and expertise of other high-ranked institutions: MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business (Italy), ESB Business School (Germany), and Kelley School of Business (USA). Each partner focuses intensively on its area of expertise to give participants the deepest and most-relevant business knowledge available.

Executive MBA participants gain access to new professional networks and a diversity of global business perspectives from an experienced international faculty. Our professors are invested in cutting-edge research as well as actively engaged with the broader international corporate community.

Be part of a creative community and share our values

We strongly value the personal contribution of each of our Executive MBA participants and we attempt to tailor our Executive MBA to leverage their unique skills and life experiences.
We also focus on empowering leaders not only with analytical abilities but also with capacities to act and to behave (Think-Do-Be).

We invite you to explore the Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management-IAE part-time and fast-track Executive MBA programme, its unique environment, dedicated community and poles of excellence.

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Our Executive MBA (EMBA) aims to train the type of leaders that businesses need to achieve profitable and sustainable growth. It is designed for high-potential professionals from various backgrounds who strive to gain knowledge in all key general management areas as well as improve their leadership skills and develop a clear understanding of complex business issues and their practical solutions. 

Is this MBA designed for you? Yes, if...

  • You are a high-potential manager faced with international business issues of increasing scope and complexity.
  • You are seeking broader knowledge in general management to improve your professional growth.
  • You need a career booster and hope to enlarge your personal and professional networks and create new professional opportunities.
  • You are looking for an Executive MBA with a strong emphasis on management and innovation.
  • You are looking for an original programme offered by a renowned management school, recognised in its field.
  • You seek a strong, diverse and professionalised learning environment: experienced colleagues, international faculty and a practical approach to business solutions.

Objectives and Benefits

  • Earn both an internationally-recognised EMBA degree as well as a French Master’s degree entirely taught in English.
  • Experience a strong and proven programme that will develop your competencies in management, leadership and consulting.
  • Increase your confidence while building your professional networks and creating new opportunities for yourself.
  • Focus on innovative business activities that achieve profitable and sustainable growth.
  • Enjoy a shared investment between organisations willing to develop and retain talented people and individuals seeking to boost their careers.
  • Design a Strategic Consulting Project that represents a significant return-on-investment (ROI) for both you and your company.


Nourish your entrepreneurial spirit with competence and boost your creativity


The Executive MBA was a great opportunity to get to know myself better. The group was heteroclite and diversified in terms of backgrounds, life experiences, but also in terms of life and professional goals, with amazing different personalities and profiles, that was worth meeting and knowing.

On the side of professors, there was a various range of high quality professionals and scholars, amongst which, we had the chance to meet great individuals and outstanding pedagogues, that allowed me to solidly gain a holistic understanding of corporations mechanisms, both materially and humanly speaking.

Naim Zriouel - Class of 2018 -Director development, innovation and communication - Synergie Family, Marseille


Programme Overview

Starting on September 6, 2021, on a basis of 12 residential weeks over a 21-month period - In fast track mode*, it can be completed in 10 months

*To be noted : in between the 12 residential weeks, your time is dedicated to group work and projects. The fast track mode is a full-time course not permitting concurrent professional activity. Should a fast track participant take up an activity during the course of the programme, he will be advised to switch to the part-time mode.

  • Our Executive MBA combines an exciting range of courses in the areas of management competences, skills and challenges as well as intensive focus on leadership and global perspectives. Additionally, it offers unique opportunities for corporate visits, conferences, business simulations & games.
  • The programme regularly involves intensive smallgroup projects guided by faculty mentors like the Entrepreneurial Project.
  • Each Executive MBA participant is required to engage him-/herself and companies in a Strategic Consulting Project .

Optional : 3-week Intensive English Seminar (Monday August 16th to Friday September 3rd)

The Strategic Consulting Project

Adding Value to a company and preparing your future

The Consulting Project is both an essential and rewarding element in the Executive MBA experience. As an integral “win-win” aspect of the programme, participants must work with both a company and an academic mentor to design and provide an in-company consulting project focusing on a specific area for growth or improvement.. Through this Consulting Project, Executive MBA participants develop consultancy and project management skills while using new knowledge frameworks as well as gaining experience leading cross-cultural teams.


Redesign your professional future while working

In general I had a very interesting journey at IAE last year. I found myself meet my primary goal in pursuing an EMBA program. That were gaining the comprehensive and strategic view into the enterprises, having different ways in working approach, and moreover was learning from multi-dimensional experiences of the classmates as they come from wide range of expertises and diversity.

Ngan le Thi Thu, Class of 2018, Sales Manager, KONE Elevators, Ho Chi Minh City




Our world-class faculty has combined all the ingredients to develop a unique and participant-centered EMBA. When not teaching, our faculty are leading business researchers in their fields and consultants in some of the most successful and respected companies around the world. Our faculty to participants ratio is high. In addition to our full-time faculty, we welcome distinguished professors from top universities across the world.

Our Community

A leading business school is defined by the nature, strength and diversity of its community. At Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management-IAE, our world-class community includes a broad-range of members. The School and its partner institutions each bring with them well-established and internationally significant reputations in technical and business education. Research-oriented faculty, diverse and carefully selected students, high level academic partners, dedicated administrators and corporate sponsors share a unique and symbiotic relationship which continually moves our Graduate School of Management forward. As an Executive MBA participant, we welcome you to this special and successful community.

Join us on the program's social networks : 

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8941792/

Alumni Network : more than 20.000 alumni

The key to success in business involves growing and building personal and professional networks. As part of Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management-IAE Executive MBA programme, you will become part of a group of individuals with strong and sustainable links as well as a close-knit and diverse international network of alumni who share a belief in the programme and can be valuable assets in taking your next professional steps.


Corporate Links

Some of the key companies and organisations that have sponsored Executive MBA participants in past years include: Airbus Group, Areva, BNP Paribas, Bourbon, CMA/CGM, CNIM, DCNS, ENGIE, Electrolux, GYMA, McCormick, Michelin, SNCF, ST Microelectronics, Total Group, Veolia, Vinci ...


Challenge your practice and learn from diversity

The EXMBA at IAE Aix was a great learning experience, as much about myself as about the subjects taught. I was delighted to discover truly enthusiastic, qualified, experienced and engaged faculty, and a brilliant cohort of interesting, bright and experienced people. The EMBA brought me insights, tools and skills, eminently useful in my work and that triggered many initiatives leading to better performance, qualitiatively and quantitatively. It also reconciiled me with studying, reading, and a kind of creative thinking that one regretfully tends to replace over the years by routine. To sum up, the programme enriched my life, professionally and personally and helped me gain new perspectives and a clearer outlook.

Alex Balkin, Class of 2018, Executive Director, Savills French Riviera & French Alps, Nice


Admission Requirements

Qualified applicants should have a valid undergraduate degree or equivalent, more than five years of significant work experience, a good command of English and the professional ambition to work in a challenging international environment.

Participants successfully completing this Executive MBA programme receive both a Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree as well as a French Master’s degree in General Management.

The application process includes:

  • completing the application online on the School’s website
  • 2 recommendation letters
  • GMAT : 650 (minimum score) or TAGE EXECUTIVE : 280 (minimum score)
  • TOEIC : 900 (minimum score)
  • An interview with the Admissions Committee


Application process





Fees include

  • All tuition, instruction, training documents and handouts
  • Mentoring of projects
  • Personal  and professional  coaching
  • Language laboratory, library, computer centre
  • Access to the International Participants Office
  • Study Tour abroad
  • International Seminars with our international academic partners
  • Advice & assistance with scholarships and funding
  • Travelling and accommodation costs are not included in the tuition fees.


Participants' Profiles

EMBA degree offers a whole set of general management skills that can be applied across virtually all sectors and functions of business. Executive MBA participants come from diverse backgrounds and continue their professional lives in a variety of senior management positions globally.

We strongly value the diversity of our Executive MBA participants and we are able to develop a wide range of executive profiles. Age and experience are necessary elements for success in this programme as we will draw heavily upon this accumulated knowledge and experience to deal with complex international business issues in class and during group and individual projects.

Because our mission is to create innovative and flexible leaders, we value risk-takers and those with a genuine entrepreneurial spirit.


Gender distribution : 25% Female - 75% Male
International participants : 30% - National participants : 70%


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Explore our EMBA Today

Finding the right educational options to advance your career and change your life is never easy. That is why we take a one-to-one personalised approach to Executive MBA admissions, giving each candidate the opportunity to discover the programme at their own pace. We are here to inform as well as introduce executives to our campus, faculty, participants and key alumni so that you will have a genuine and first-hand understanding of the benefits of the programme. Those who commit themselves are committed for a lifetime.

Feel free to contact us for an individualised discussion about your potential as an Executive MBA candidate and discover how our programme can help you achieve your personal and professional objectives.

Programme Director:



Administrative EMBA Programme Manager:

Continuing Education Department:

Tel: +33 (0)4 13 94 26 38



When does the programme start?

Next session begins September, 2021 and will end for the fast track participants in June 2022. 

What are possibilities for Scholarships or funding?

  • For international applicants: The French Government provides scholarships (via the local embassy) in addition to specific grants for outstanding students from emerging countries (Eiffel-Egide). A financial aid can be provided by the school according to your situation. Those who work in France are eligible for public grants.
  • For French applicants: French applicants whom are currently unemployed can also apply for special admissions fees. Those who work in France are also eligible for public grants.

Contact our office for further details or see Scholarships informations.

Is there a GMAT required score?

The GMAT 650 (for international participants) or TAGE EXECUTIVE 280 (for French or French speaking applicants) is mandatory and part of the application requirements. The scores are a significant element of the decision process. However several other criteria are also taken into account :quality of your application including a motivational essay, current CV, transcripts and diplomas, professional experience and objectives, an English proficiency results [TOEIC: 900], the interview with the admission committee. Please find our GMAT codes : N09-SQ-65.

Does the programme have the recognition on the international job market?

Yes, through our accreditation, EQUIS. In addition, Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management-IAE is the only French public institution to be represented in the Financial Times ranking.

What is the EQUIS Accreditation?

EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) is an international system of strategic audit and accreditation designed for the assessment of institutions. It was launched in 1997 by the EFMD that brought together the key European operators in a common initiative. As Europe's largest network association in the field of management development, with 400 members from academia, business, public service and consultancy in 40 countries of Europe and the world, EFMD plays a central role in shaping the European approach to management education.
EQUIS has been designed through a process of close cooperation between existing national accreditation bodies in the field of management education assembled in an association called EQUAL. The role of EQUAL was to define criteria and procedures of a future European accreditation system. Now that EQUIS is operational, EQUAL contributes to the monitoring of the system and provides qualified assessors for the audit teams. EQUIS can only be obtained by an academic institution and not by an educational programme. There are only 64 educational institutions in Europe that obtained the EQUIS accreditation.  For more information on EQUIS website. AMGSM-IAE received its EQUIS accreditation for the first time in 1999. It has been always renewed since.

What does a participant get out of the programme?

Executive MBA participants will graduate with two Master-level business degrees: an international Executive MBA degree (Equis accredited - see below) and a French national Master degree in General Management. As an MBA participant you will gain a life-changing experience enabling you to go forward as a leader in business, find the perfect life-work balance for you through increasing your knowledge and expanding your inner potential for continuous self-improvement. You will live an international and multicultural experience.

Does the programme focus more on theory or fact?

The Executive MBA offers a solid foundation in all aspects which are relevant in today’s business environment (finance, marketing, strategy, economics, etc.). But we go a little further through our focus on Leadership and Innovation, less tangible but nonetheless critical aspects for succeeding in an ever changing global business environment. We offer multiple opportunities (through simulation, business games, consulting missions, case studies, the consulting experience of our professors…) to get as close to reality as possible – learning from real experience rather than (exclusively) from textbooks.

We also focus on empowering leaders not only with analytical abilities but also with capacities to act and to behave (Think-Do-Be).

What are job prospects like at the end of the programme?

Personal and professional coaching sessions provided by the programme will help you to define your professional objectives. You will also benefit from IAE’s professional network (corporate events, round tables, ,…)

Do you have an Alumni Association?

Yes, AMGSM-IAE has a very active Alumni network with nearly 18,000 members in nearly 120 countries around the world. You’ll also find an MBA Alumni group on Facebook and on LinkedIn.

I am an international student, will I receive help from the school regarding my carte de sejour, accommodations, etc.?

Yes, we have an International Student Affairs office that will work with you to get your visa, find an accommodation, open a bank account, and help you settle down when you arrive in France.  Besides, we have around 50 nationalities represented on the campus. Somebody will speak your language!

Can I speak with current participants or alumni?

Of course, we are happy to set up a time for you to speak with a current participant or alumni.