Master in Global Innovation Management, MGIM


1 year - 2 universities - 3 continents

Competitiveness and growth of companies are increasingly dependent on their ability to innovate within a global context. That is why companies need people with new competencies, integrating new market diversity, working with innovative networks and holding a creative and globally oriented mindset.

The Master of Global Innovation Management, MGIM is a one-year global dual programme in which :

  • Gain a Global Perspective
  • Learn to Manage Innovation
  • Get Real Company Experience

A unique experience of diversity

Being a MGIM’er is a real multicultural learning experience. It is the entry into a community of diverse participants (25 to 30 each year) with varied backgrounds and experience all focused on creativity and innovation.


Degrees awarded

Over two semesters, students will complete a total of 30 credit hours (or 60 ECTS) and will receive :

  • A Master of Global Innovation Management Degree awarded by IAE Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management, France
  • A Graduate Certificate in Innovation Management awarded by Bentley University, USA

Job opportunities

MGIM graduates occupy international positions to drive innovation management efforts in any industry all over the world.Typical post-graduate job titles include:

Technical positions

  • Project Manager
  • Technology Projects Manager
  • Process Manager
  • R&D Manager

Marketing and Business Positions

  • Data Analyst
  • Strategic Marketing Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Product Manager

and Strategy and Innovation Consultants.


Employers examples :


 The programme presented by its Director



MGIM programme team building

MGIM programme student project



Programme director

Anne-Marie GUERIN -