Internship / jobs

Internship / Employment

The School’s programmes include long periods of professional exposure as standard part of training. Every year, 400 internships in France and abroad complement apprenticeship programmes. Students may acquire the professional experience they need to give them operational capacity straight after graduation.

Internship and employment information exchange

Firms may communicate their internship and employment offers through our online Career Service Platform Jobteaser. The service is free and open to all companies.

Support for students prospecting for internships, apprenticeships and employment

The Corporate Career Service provides support and advice to students to facilitate propective procedures:

  • it feeds the Jobteaser platform dedicated to internships and employment;
  • it provides coaching on professional projects and employment prospective techniques and procedures;
  • it organises meetings with regional, national and international recruiters thanks to recruitment lectures and forums;
  • it sets up speed recruitment sessions and mock hiring interviews with recruitment professionals;
  • it provides access to the CARNET network which relates the Career Service Centres of 12 European management schools
  • It provides access to the IAGORA network (internships in the US) and to Goinglobal (Internships in Europe),