Corporate relations

Our mission

Build a bridge between the School's students and the corporate world.

Our ambition

Optimise our students' and participants' employability on the market place by our training programmes, during their professional insertion and throughout their careers thanks to synergies with the corporate world. Our assets include widespread recognition by firms of the quality of our programmes and a network of more than 18,000 School graduates.

Our priority: graduates's professional insertion

Our students’ career success is a priority goal for the School. That is why our programmes are highly professionally and internationally oriented. They feature courses that are tailored to meet the needs of businesses and long periods of professional exposure. Our graduate insertion rate on the market place is excellent. Surveys indicate a rate of 93% graduates recruited on management positions within 6 months after completing their studies.

Students may find advice and support at the School’s Career Service Centre. Its activities are:

  • to provide back-up support when students look for internships and apprenticeships by offering personalised advice, exposure to real-life recruitment situations, and coaching;
  • to offer tools that facilitate and speed up procedures;
  • to organise forums and meetings to develop contacts and networking.

The Corporate Career Service and Alumni: a vital communication partner

At the core of the School’s strategy lies intense collaboration with the professional world. The objective of this collaboration is to promote humanistic leadership by sharing enterprise knowledge and culture, exposing students to international experience though internships abroad and by developing their adaptation capacities in the corporate world. For many years, the School and its Corporate Career Service & Alumni have been active partners to help companies:

  • to recruit interns, apprentices or graduates;
  • to optimise internship and alternate training schemes;
  • and to train future collaborators with profiles adapted to their needs.