Corporate relations

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Corporate relations
Our mission – Build a bridge between the School's students and the corporate world.
Our ambition – Optimise our students' and participants' employability on the market place by our training programmes, during their professional insertion and throughout their careers thanks to synergies with the corporate world. Our assets include widespread recognition by firms of the quality of our programmes and a network of more than 18,000 School graduates.
Our priority: professional insertion
Our students’ career success is a priority goal for the School. That is why our programmes are highly professionally and internationally oriented. They feature courses that are tailored to meet the needs of businesses and long periods of professional exposure. Our graduate insertion rate on the market place is excellent. Surveys indicate a rate of 93% graduates recruited on management positions within 6 months after completing their studies.
Students may find advice and support at the School’s Career Service Centre (CSC). Its missions are:
•    to provide backup support when students look for internships and apprenticeships by offering personalised advice, exposure to real-life recruitment situations, and coaching;
•    to offer tools that facilitate and speed up procedures;
•    to organise forums and meetings to develop contacts and networking.

The corporate relations service: a vital communication partner
At the core of the School’s strategy lies intense collaboration with the professional world. The objective of this collaboration is to promote humanistic leadership by sharing enterprise knowledge and culture, exposing students to international experience though internships abroad and by developing their adaptation capacities in the corporate world. For many years, the School and its Corporate Relations Service (the CSC) has been an active partner to help companies:
•    to recruit interns, apprentices or graduates;
•    to optimise internship and alternate training schemes;
•    and to train future collaborators with profiles adapted to their needs.


Apprenticeship / Alternate training
Apprenticeship: a long-established tradition at the School
The Aix-Marseille IAE has operated sandwich courses alternating academic education with professional experience as early as 1996. In 2006, access to 1-year or 2-year alternate training was made available to all Master students whatever their backgrounds. Currently, a growing number of students opt for alternate training. They were 123 in 2009 and they were 210 in 2015 (35% of the School’s students). Today, the School is Aix-Marseille University’s unit which trains the highest number of apprentices at Master level.
The triple advantage of apprenticeship
•    For students, apprenticeship minors the problem of tuition fees and provides valuable professional experience to optimise employability potential.
•    For companies, alternate training schemes provide valuable expertise over long-term training periods. They benefit from advance opportunities to spot much-needed profiles ahead of actual recruitment.
•    For the School, support from companies and their role as co-training institutions are crucial contributions to the IAE’s public service mission as it can offer high-level training with affordable access.
Developing apprenticeship is central to our School’s ACE strategy. ACE stands for Attract, Connect, Excel. We strive to attract tomorrow’s talents and to train them in partnership with commitment-driven enterprises and we work hard to facilitate optimal professional integration for our graduates.

Apprenticeship forums
Every year in June, the School sets up events to help students to establish contacts with firms that are looking for apprentices. More than 40 (chiffre à vérifier) companies participate each year.
Apprenticeship schedule
The training schedule for the School’s apprentices is presented in the table below: Tableau
The Policy of the Onet Group has always favoured alternate training. Every year, we welcome nearly 500 recruits in apprenticeship or in professionalising contracts.
In our group, alternate training is a genuine driving factor to promote talent. This equally applies to engineering positions, operational or support functions. At Master level, as for all trainees in alternate programmes, our collaborators have a duty to welcome and support newcomers, which, in return, balances with high expectations in terms of work input and commitment.
My opinion on alternate programmes is highly favourable since they take into account the needs of enterprises and the operational career paths of students.
Philippe Arnaud
DHR, Onet Group


Internship / Employment
The School’s programmes include long periods of professional exposure as standard part of training. Every year, 400 internships in France and abroad complement apprenticeship programmes. Students may acquire the professional experience they need to give them operational capacity straight after graduation.
Internship and employment information exchange
Firms may communicate their internship and employment offers through our online Career Service Centre (CSC) @ :
The service is free and open to all companies.
Internship schedule
Support for students prospecting for internships, apprenticeships and employment
The Career Service Centre provides support and advice to students to facilitate propective procedures:
•    it feeds the Jobteaser platform dedicated to internships and employment;
•    it provides coaching on professional projects and employment prospective techniques and procedures;
•    it organises meetings with regional, national and international recruiters thanks to recruitment lectures and forums;
•    it sets up speed recruitment sessions and mock hiring interviews with recruitment professionals;
•    it provides access to the CARNET network which relates the Career Service Centres of 12 European management schools. (XXXX liste).

Management education for salaried staff
Since its creation in 1955, the Aix-Marseille IAE has developed recognised expertise in the training of salaried staff. All programmes are open to participants in continuing/lifelong education for graduating and certifiying training. The School’s historical red thread has always been to provide general management education for company executives.
The Continuing Education Service
The Continuing Education Service is available to participants before and after their studies to:
•    direct them towards programmes which will best serve their professional projects;
•    provide support if they apply for grants to finance their studies;
•    act as an interface between financing institutions and employing firms.

The Corporate Relations Service, CSC
The mission of the Corporate Relations Service is to keep up with the requirements of companies in terms of training. In collaboration with the School’s pedagogical team, it may propose innovative training programmes tailored to their needs.
Enterprise forums
The November IAE-Enterprise Forum
Every year, the School organises a recruitment event for internships, apprenticeships and jobs. It involves the participation of more than 500 students and alumni, and some 50 firms, including start-up companies hosted in a dedicated showroom. Lectures are proposed and students may acquire recruitment training in speed interview sessions. In 2015, the IAE-Enterprise Forum was integrated within the Aix-Marseille University Enterprise Week.
List of participants in the IAE-Enterprise Forum on 5 November 2015 LISTE
The July Alternate Training Forum
Companies may select some of the School’s talented candidates before the academic year begins. Alternate Training Forums take place every year in early July. They involve the participation of 80 students newly registered in Master 1, and of 120 students in Master 2. Students’ CVs are forwarded to companies prior to the event so that they can plan interviews in advance. More than XX alternate training contracts are underwritten in weeks following the forum.
List of participants in the Alternate Training Forum of 2 July