Mission, Vision and Values

Being the Business School of the largest university in France, the School’s assets are the alliance between the academic excellence of a state university dedicated to public service values, and the flexibility of a business school with close links with the corporate world. The mission, vision and values of the School are consistent with those of Aix-Marseille University.

The School's mission statement

The School’s mission is “to empower humanistic leadership” :

  • Empowerment: The main criteria for entry are ability and self-determination, there are no other barriers.
  • Humanistic: Programmes instil a sense of civic duty and ethics combined with disciplinary knowledge and skills.
  • Leadership: The School prepares leaders for the worlds of business and academia.

In line with AMU’s mission to create, transmit, valorise and preserve knowledge, the School’s mission is to democratise business management in order to make it accessible to all, without any financial barriers. This mission is ensured by:

  • Affordable tuition fees for high standard degrees,
  • The development of apprenticeships enabling companies to sponsor students’ tuition fees,
  • A high percentage of scholarships (72%),
  • A high social and financial ROI,
  • High employability,
  • Upward social mobility.


The School's vision

The School’s vision is “to disseminate a humanistic vision of society. Valuing inclusion and diversity, we target motivated individuals independent of their backgrounds or cultures”. We aspire to become by 2024 one of the Top-60 European business schools, and provide a Top 45 Master in Management programme according to FT rankings.

Our focus is on personal development. We aim at helping individuals to enhance their potential, empower their lives, dare to innovate and exert a positive impact on society.

The School’s vision contributes to AMU’s vision: “AMU is a community of men and women, organised in an autonomous way assuring together a public mission for the common good: the creation, transmission and valorisation of knowledge. It aspires to become one of the top 100 universities in the world by 2020.”


The School's values and culture

The School’s values follow the CODE acronym: Commitment to the common good, Open-mindedness, Diversity, and Excellence.

The School is committed to the common good because it offers a public service and is rooted in public service values which are neutrality, equality, continuity of service and common good[1].  The School aims at providing an original response to such changes in the world of business as more complex challenges, new technologies, sustainable development issues, and financial regulation. We value individuals who shift from individual intelligence to collective intelligence, from action to interaction, from construction to co-construction.

  • Open-mindedness Students coming from diverse backgrounds need open-mindedness to succeed in our School. Differing opinions can promote understanding of the reasoning underlying oppositional arguments, so that students can effectively debate about them. Open-mindedness advances mutual understanding, and helps future leaders to learn how to work constructively and cohesively towards achieving common goals.
  • Diversity is a common value for the School and AMU. Students entering AMGSM come from diverse backgrounds and countries, and do not all belong to the same age group. That makes for a highly cosmopolitan and mixed population similar to that of international firms. Thus, diversity, which supports a variety of views rather than a single approach or method of interpretation is one of the School's key values.
  • Excellence is another of our core values. We strive to foster and disseminate academic and pedagogical excellence.

These values contribute to AMU’s values, described in the President’s “profession of faith”: pluralism, collegiality, transparency, public service and responsibility.